Thursday, 13 November 2008

Day 4 - 13:30 : Building WCF services with WF in .NET 4.0 (SOA302)

Jon Flanders from plural sight took this session looking at how you can expose WCF services from windows workflow on the .NET 4.0 stack, continuing from yesterdays first looks session.

A cool feature being introduced is the ability to generate xaml only workflows in the form of .XAMLX files. These, when hosted in IIS or another host, allow an entire WCF endpoint along with all of the WF logic to be defined in a single xaml file. This file can be hand cranked or you can utilise the new WPF enabled WF designer surface.

Guidance suggests benefits can be achieved using WF to define WCF services if the service;

  • Calls a database, calls another service, or uses the file system.
  • Coordinates parallel work
  • Enforces ordering between messages
  • Coordinates messages with application state
  • Is long running
  • Requires rich tracking information

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