Friday, 14 November 2008

Microsoft Tech-Ed is over, I'm going back to work for a REST

It's a shame that it's over for another year, and its been a fantastic, if somewhat tiring, week that I've thoroughly enjoyed. They cram in as much information as they can in the 5 days of the conference and provide you with everything you need to stay comfortable during the duration.

On the social front, things were also good, the country drinks event was great on Wednesday night, and Barcelona overall was a cool place to hang out and chat about the day.

The inhabitants of Barcelona must think there's a geek invasion or something though as every third table in the restaurants was debating Azure, L2E, federation in the cloud or whatever - but if that didn't convince them, then watching the games at the country drinks evening would have.

One of the games during the night out was a form of bowling using a tennis ball. After the person had bowled, the ball was thrown back to the bowler. You could tell we were at a geek conference though as not one person managed to catch the ball!!!

If anyone is thinking about Tech-Ed 2009 (in Berlin next year), I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it


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