Tuesday, 2 December 2008

"New XBOX Experience" trashes my 360...

Whilst I like to keep this as a technical blog, I must doff my cap to Microsoft's XBOX 360 warranty and repair service. I bought my 360 in Jan 2006 and didn't have any problems with it until the new XBOX experience was launched a couple of weeks ago.

image Almost immediately (and probably coincidentally) I started to get video corruption problems, hanging and then finally, the ubiquitous 3 red rings of death!

But that's not the point, first off kudos on extending the warranty to 3 years for this specific error - of which my 360 was just 1 month away from being out of warranty, and secondly for the lightning fast repair service.

I've just logged on to check up on where my unit is, which I only posted to them on Wednesday last week, and they've fixed it and have shipped it back, it's being delivered tomorrow - that's less than 1 week!!

COD: World at war stress relieving marathon due this weekend ;-) The wife will be pleased.....

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