Thursday, 12 May 2011

Real world Orchard CMS - skipping ahead and source

Just a quick note about the source code for the orchard sample series. First off, the source is available here;

You will notice that there are multiple folders in the source, one for each article (starting at part-02 as part one was an introductory post), but what I've added tonight is a "final" folder also containing what will ultimately be the finished product from the series.

I figured this would allow me to storm ahead with the code and then go back and split it down into articles to build up the whole whilst allowing those who just want to explore the final solution quick access to the code.

So... Cutting a long story short, if you look in the final folder you'll find the code is much further refined than the part 3 article so far (the twitter widget is fully implemented, the product types are all in place, a content part is there for synopsis content and there are numerous tweaks to the layout and theme). I will get around to trying to explain all this in future parts of the series, but feel free to dive into final for a look at what's coming....

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