Tuesday, 27 September 2011

DRL DevJam 2011

As you may or may not know, I changed jobs in June (around the time of my last post) and my new employer has been keeping me pretty much swamped. If you’d like to complain about the lack of Orchard posts and other general guff, you can now do it in person! We’re hosting a developer evening at our head office here in Bolton – come along and not only can you beg my boss to give me some time to build more samples and posts, but also we’ve got a pretty decent evening planned including;

  • A coding challenge competition with prizes!
    • £100 amazon vouchers
    • Super top range mouse and keyboard
    • Command launcher USB pens
  • Fun
  • Lots of discussion about technology, kanban, lean and other agile-y topics
  • Fun
  • Food and drinks (there will be a healthy option if you want it!)
  • Fun
  • A caricature to remind you of your evening with us.
  • And more fun…

This is a new thing for us, it might become a regular gathering, or it might be a one off, we’ll see how it goes, but part of the reason for the event is, we’re looking for bright individuals like you to join our teams and we figured holding a nice geek out party (or DevJam as we like to call it) would be a great way to get to know you and you us.

So, if you’re interested, the date is 24th October 2011, from 6:30pm until 9pm. You can get more information about the event, our company and to register for your free place here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2173571210/efbnen

Hope to see you there!

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